Based in Luton, Bedfordshire

Get more BHP, torque, better fuel economy and improve engine performance with our specialist ECU Tuning Service.

Our fully qualified technicians at WV Autos Ltd, Luton specialise in both ECU Tuning and DPF issues and have over 25 years of experience in car servicing and engine diagnostics.

We offer a complete customised ECU tuning service on all makes and models, guaranteed to improve the performance of your vehicle.

Customer Testimonials

ECU Tuning

Our ECU Tuning has proved to be reliable and effective time and again. Impressive gains in power and torque are on offer but we also believe in ECU tuning that’s safe and sensible for your comfort and safety.

DPF Diagnostics

We are part of the DPF Doctor network; a highly skilled group of independent DPF specialists that can accurately diagnose DPF problems and other underlying issues that cause your DPF engine light to appear.

Service & Repair

Whether your vehicle needs some repair work or a service, contact us today to see if we can offer you a better price than your current garage or dealership or to discuss your requirements in further detail.