WV Autos Ltd, Luton is now fully recognised as a Trade BMW account, meaning we have access to the genuine BMW main dealer software.

All new BMW’s now have Digital Service History records, meaning no more paper service book to stamp, giving you complete peace of mind that your service history can never be lost or falsified.

Your BMW Car key holds all your service data which WV Autos Ltd, Luton can access using our genuine BMW Key Reader– all of which we are able to update electronically when you visit us.

The information stored within the key includes your full vehicle details, any diagnostic fault codes stored in the vehicle’s memory, your service history record with dates and mileage and any historic service history performed previously. We are also able to advise you what your vehicle requires now or in the future.


BMW Digital Service Book



After completing the service on your BMW, you can further transfer the updated information from the Digital Service History database directly onto your vehicle’s iDrive via a direct link to the BMW database in Germany.

BMW iDrive is located under ‘Service History’ in the onscreen menu.

Your vehicle then automatically updates the service information stored on your key.

At present, WV Autos Ltd, Luton is unable to upload data directly onto your iDrive; we are awaiting the delivery of the main dealer equipment from BMW required to perform this last step. However, we are hopeful this will not be too much longer!