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People looking to book a car detail commonly mistake car detailing with car washing. While both involve cleaning a vehicle, the difference between the two is very important.

With a car wash, the main goal is to remove the dirt, dust, salt, and grime that collects on the outside of your vehicle. This includes underneath your vehicle, but rarely, if ever, inside. Professional car detailing is the art and the craft of cleaning and restoring a vehicle to like-new condition. Car detailing services are much more precise and labour-intensive than getting a car wash. A car wash is normally an automated system that a car passes through to clean the exterior. Professional auto detailing is always done by hand, and includes exterior and interior car detailing services.

With a car detail, the goal is to make a vehicle look as brand new as possible from the inside out, involving a trained and talented professional applying a proven system, specific cleaning agents and using special equipment to restore your vehicle to factory freshness, making your vehicle look good as new.


When a Ceramic Coating is applied to your vehicle, it will leave an extremely durable and high-gloss finish which prevents pollutants from impacting your car’s paintwork. Without Ceramic Coat protection, over time your paintwork could become dull when exposed to atmospheric pollutants and harsh car wash chemicals. The paintwork will progressively fade and hold dirt meaning cleaning and washing will become harder.
The benefits of ceramic paint protection

  • Appearance- Protects all exterior paintwork and locks in showroom shine; making your vehicle more attractive to buyers when the time comes to resell.
  • Saves time- No need to polish your car. Ceramic Coatings have active ingredients which repels dirt and grime making cleaning your car easier and quicker.
  • Saves money- The reduced build-up of dirt and grime leads to savings on the cost of washing and waxing. A Ceramic Coat will also prevent paintwork dulling over time.

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Coating Farm Ceramics have been researching and manufacturing ceramic coatings for 26 years at their facilities in South Korea. Currently they produce and sell 50000 Litres of product a month worldwide. So their knowledge of ceramic coatings is extensive.

Ceramic coatings are harder and more scratch resistant than the paintwork on your car. Typical paintwork is between 4H and 6H scratch resistant. Our ceramic coatings are 9H and 10H scratch resistant, so generally twice as hard. This doesn’t mean that they cannot be scratched at all – they can. However they create a sacrificial layer on your paintwork, which means that your paintwork is better protected and any scratches are easier to remove. They also block UV Rays, so your paintwork doesn’t fade with sunshine.

Ceramic coatings also give long term shine & protection; from one year to five years with easy maintenance- all that is required for future cleaning is a PH neutral shampoo without waxes. No strong chemicals should be used either as they can damage the ceramic coating and are unnecessary. Washing is actually easier when ceramic coatings have been applied and gloss levels are extremely high and maintained for the lifetime of the coating.