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ECU Tuning & Remapping in Luton


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Our custom tailored Avon Tuning remaps have proven to be reliable and effective time and again. Impressive gains in performance, power and torque are on offer as well as economy remaps for better fuel consumption. We believe in tuning that is both safe and sensible for your comfort and safety. All original engine maps are backed up to a dedicated secure server should you want to revert back to the original configuration in the future and backed by a globally recognised brand with industry leading technical support.

We always carry out a full diagnostic engine health check to make sure your vehicle is in the correct condition and has no existing engine issues before commencing with any tuning. Driveability and reliability are just as important as performance and so when you opt for our tuning service you can be confident your vehicle is in capable hands.


What is ECU Tuning?

Tuning a car, also known as ‘remapping, chipping or auto tuning’, is a process that involves altering the microchip in your vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU), to overwrite the manufacturer’s factory settings. The ECU is essentially a computer in your vehicle that controls the power of your engine and is programmed to manage functions such as the fuel injection, sensors, air flow and so on.

By changing or overwriting this program with new software, your vehicle’s functions can be customised and the performance can be greatly improved, therefore allowing your vehicle to function at its full potential.

When a vehicle is manufactured, the default factory settings on the ECU software are typically set to limit its performance capabilities. Manufacturers do this in order to adapt the software to the climates, terrains and fuel qualities of a specific country. This also allows manufacturers to release a sportier model for example with a more efficient engine by simply reprogramming the ECU and making small design tweaks.

Remapping the software and fine-tuning your engine can increase a vehicles power and torque output, maximise overall performance, fuel efficiency and responsiveness. Improved engine performance is another way of saying more speed and more power!

The increase in horsepower you might get from remapping depends on your engine; you could get an increase of as much as 40-50bhp (brake horse power) for a turbo engine. Tuning can also increase your torque up to 80nm (Newton metres). In other words, your vehicle will feel faster!

As for improved fuel efficiency, this is totally dependant on how you choose to drive your vehicle; rushing through gears, sudden, fast acceleration, speeding and abrupt braking can have a negative impact on your fuel economy. That being said, the combination of an engine remap and smooth driving will most definitely offer better fuel efficiency than good driving alone.

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ECU Tuning Types


Economy Tuning

Rising fuel prices have made this service ever more popular. We re-calibrate the ECU data to improve fuel efficiency. Increased torque will allow for less gear changes and accelerator pedal pressing leading to better MPG and driveability. This service is only available to Turbo Diesel vehicles.


Stage 1 Tuning

Suitable for a standard and unmodified vehicle that has no hardware upgrades. A Stage 1 Remap will improve fuel efficiency as well as increasing power and torque. Eliminates flat spots and results in a more enjoyable, responsive drive with no compromise on reliability.

Stage 2 Tuning

Superior power and torque improvement than a Stage 1 Remap, efficiency is improved but not as dramatically as with a Stage 1 Remap. Hardware upgrades can be needed to carry out a Stage 2 Remap. Eliminates flat spots and results in a more enjoyable, responsive drive with no compromise on reliability.

Stage 3 and Above

Up-rated hardware is required, the many hardware additions mean a fully bespoke remap will need to be undertaken on a rolling road so parameters can be monitored in a safe and controlled way. There can be exceptions to this, where Stage 3 and above development has already been carried out on your vehicle. You can contact us with your spec list and we can customise a quote and offer you the best advice on the hardware upgrades needed.