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DPF Certificate

About our DPF Assessment, Cleaning and Repairs

If your DPF light has come on on your vehicle dashboard, we strongly advise you here at WV Autos Ltd, Luton that you do not pay for a DPF clean until the underlying faults are identified and fixed; a DPF clean will only temporarily fix your issue and we may be able to fix your DPF without a DPF clean being necessary.

A blocked Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) will always be caused by another fault and until you find & fix that issue, your DPF will continue to block.

Our industry-leading DPF Assessment supported by the expertise of the DPF Doctor Network, will identify the underlying faults and get to the root cause of your DPF problem – for a first-time fix, saving you time, disruption, hassle and money.

Our DPF Assessment is only £75 + VAT

To book your DPF assessment, get in touch today with an expert on Luton 01582 968995.